Lawyers & Tax Advisors

Estudio Levene is a boutique professional firm that offers tax and legal advice tailored to clients of all sizes and stages of the business. We consider ourselves a boutique firm because our clients deal with senior professionals only.

We advise clients on their business and personal needs both at home and abroad. In this globalized, fast moving and increasingly regulated world the need for integrated and timely advice has never been more important for managing businesses and wealth.

We focus on maximizing value for our clients while remaining mindful of professional expenses. Our team obtained tax and legal education in EU and the US and were trained working for top local and international professional firms dealing with complex issues for multinationals, entrepreneurs and high wealth individuals.
- Corporate -

We frequently act as general counsel, advising on all legal aspects of their day-to-day operations and deal flow.

Like most firms we have a corporate department that provides broad legal advice on commercial issues, including IP and employment and labor law issues. What makes our team different is that we provide a unique combination of corporate experience integrated with local and international tax advice.

Clients include entrepreneurs, privately owned businesses operating across numerous business sectors such as brands, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, services, hospitality, information technology and media.

Key to our advice is gaining a detailed understanding of each client's business goals. Thanks to our close working relationship with clients, we understand the interrelated nature of legal and business and cross border consequences, and the effect that these factors can have on our clients' corporate legal needs.

We have a particular focus on cross-border investment strategy and with correspondents worldwide, including US and European qualified lawyers, accountants and other service providers, we are able to work with global clients in a seamless, integrated and efficient manner.
Experience tells us that an entrepreneur is always a busy person with too many complex issues to attend with never sufficient resources. Since we understand this we have a practical and cost-effective approach towards tax and legal needs of our entrepreneur community of clients.

Our team regularly advises entrepreneurs and their businesses and families by providing commercial and tax planning solutions at all stages of their endeavours across many international markets.

We advise entrepreneurs on:

• early stage mentoring
• start up legal and tax structures
• commercial arrangements
• corporate structuring
• management and governance
• raising capital
• joint ventures
• strategic alliances
• mergers and acquisitions
• networking within our community of clients and network of angels
• incentive plans for employees (stock option plans, phantom stock, etc.)
• IP protection in Latin America, US, Europe, China, etc.

Our experience representing angel and venture capital investors enables us to provide valuable guidance to companies involved in capital raising transactions, exit strategies, including best practices for managing relationships with boards of directors and investors. We have represented emerging companies from the start-up phase through final rounds of capital and M&A transactions. We advise on a daily basis to entrepreneurs dedicated to e-commerce, online advertising, software development, online gaming, online financial services, international trading of goods, fashion and design business, hospitality industry, among many others.
We regularly advise fund managers on all aspects of the formation, structuring and financing of regulated and unregulated funds in a cost effective way. We have experience in setting up different kind of pool in vehicles in the onshore or offshore world for different lines of business like private equity, film industry, real estate, hospitality industry, crypto currencies, green bonds, etc. Our expertise includes:

Design, establishment and management of pool in investment vehicles, including limited partnerships, companies, investment trusts and venture capital funds for investing in both established and emerging markets.

Experience in transactional private equity work, regularly advising on leveraged buyouts, take-privates, joint venture investments, consortium deals, secondary transactions and recapitalizations.

Due diligence projects relating to the underlying investments of private equity vehicles.

Fund management tax and legal planning.
The firm advises on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships, and strategic alliances.

We are engaged in private M&A and private equity transactions. Our clients include large and small companies and private equity firms and other participants in corporate transactions.

What differentiates our practice from that of other M&A law firms is that we are a tax driven firm, being local and international taxation a very important factor for this type of transactions.

Unlike a lot of firms that simply assign junior corporate lawyers to large due diligence exercises, we are able to deploy a cost-effective team of senior professionals well versed in the legal and tax aspects of an acquisition target’s businesses. We have the experience and know-how to assist the client in drafting and negotiating the most appropriate representations and covenants for each transaction agreement.

For large transactions that may exceed our size we will team with highly specialized and senior professionals being the priority the best result for our clients.
We are a tax driven firm. Our tax team provides innovative tax analysis solutions in all areas of taxation, both domestically and internationally. Tax planning is a dynamic area where advanced planning is fundamental when optimizing results and minimizing adverse consequences.

A key area on which we regularly advise clients is that of taxation of cross border transactions of goods and services (e.g., double taxation agreements, transfer pricing, exchange of information, etc.). We have extensive knowledge of this complex and every day changing area and are able to guide clients efficiently and thoroughly in order to minimize the incidences of the applicable tax rules.

In particular, we have experience with the relevant cross border tax issues arising in the most important jurisdictions like the US, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, etc.
We assist clients in the negotiation and closing of real estate acquisitions and sales, including the preparation of purchase agreements, financing documents, tax-deferred and multiple-party exchange agreements, escrow instructions and other related documents.

Our firm represents both landlords and tenants and has significant experience in leasing transactions, including retail leases, office leases, industrial leases and subleases.

Our team assists clients in all types of real estate development, including industrial, residential, hotel and downtown developments. We have experience in the creation and operation of residential, commercial and mixed-use condominiums and planned unit developments.

We represent clients seeking financing. Our team advises clients on current methods and alternatives in real estate financing and assists in the structuring and documentation of real estate mortgages, fiduciary structures, contracts of sale and other financing transactions, such as sale-and-leasebacks. Partnership, joint venture, and real estate investment.

We assist clients with real property issues and projects abroad, including acquisitions, leases, secured transactions and lending.

We deal with land use regulation and in project permitting before government entities. Together with special counsel our practice includes the preparation and processing of all local, state, and federal permit applications relating to land use and environmental regulation of development projects.
- Private Clients -

As one of the most experienced private client practices, we are fully integrated into complex, multi-faceted projects with clients on a global stage. We provide the following services:
A family office may be an entity set up to run a family's affairs which has separate legal personality from the family or just be a place where the family manages its affairs or it may be a network of employees and advisors in a number of different places who work together to run the family's investments.

We have real insight into the concerns of wealthy families. This insight helps us when we assist our clients to set up and operate their family offices.

We work on the establishment and governance of single and multi-family offices, and provide advice as they expand. Whether the family office is large or small, domestic or international, we provide the comprehensive and integrated legal and tax service required.

We usually work closely with other leading service providers in finance and investment, as well as accounting management.
We commonly advise on establishing and restructuring trusts, fiduciary structures and foundations both local and overseas. We have a wealth of experience in setting up private trust companies, purpose trusts, protectorship vehicles and foundations, all with an eye to applicable tax requirements and the areas of conflict between common law and civil law.

We have experience managing disputes whether for settlors/grantors, beneficiaries, trustees or protectors.

The long-term viability of commercial operations depends on a plan for orderly succession.

Our team advices individuals and families who own businesses. Our experience in estate planning and the inter-related areas of business and tax law gives us the know-how to offer a sound but practical advice. We work with clients to develop a succession plan to transfer management responsibility and financial assets, help protect the estate and business from legal disputes.
Our team helps successful families and entrepreneurs around the world structure their assets in a way that will preserve their wealth now and for future generations.

We advise on all aspects of wealth structuring, using domestic and international trusts and foundations, private trust companies in local as well as other jurisdictions and we co-ordinate the acquisition of appropriate investments.

Our advice covers the design and implementation of new structures, as well as reviewing existing structures. We also assist them in complying with the complex rules surrounding investments, accounting, taxes and compliance.

Some of our clients are local and others are international families with family members who have European or US connections and want to mitigate their exposure to tax.
We have acted for successful people and their families. We have built up an in-depth understanding of the personal tax needs of our high net worth clients, and we can help them mitigate their exposure to tax both during their own lives and for future generations.

Our tax team can bring valuable cross-border experience and knowledge to complex scenarios for clients with multi-jurisdictional interests.

Our role often involves structuring business affairs and family investments, investing in financial products, using trusts and other vehicles to structure investments, dealing with tax issues arising on divorce, and reducing inheritance and gift taxes .

Additionally, we help international clients to achieve significant tax benefits through our understanding of the cross-border regime regarding residence and domicile.

We have experience in dealing with US tax and compliance issues when there are US situs assets, US citizens, US green card holders, etc.

Our clients span a broad range of professional and entrepreneurial individuals, families, and landowners. We represent their interests in multiple jurisdictions.
Our specialized team of accountants with local and international expertise will help you with:

*Annual tax planning for high wealth individuals.
*Preparation and/or review of tax returns.
*Support tax audits carried out by national, provincial and municipal tax authorities.
*Load and control efficiency of the tax variable in the administrative processes at a personal or company’s level.
*Certifications and accounting reports: Revenue, Sales, Source of Funds (fixed assets and properties), Income and Expenditure for Tax Purposes.
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